4TH Feb, 2022

Daniel in Afrika

We would like to tell you a bit about one of the Dev’s of the SafePets project, Daniel. He absolutely loves animals and has so since childhood. He has helped develop charities in the past including several countries in Africa and the Canary Islands. In Africa, he managed to visit Niokola Koba National Park in Senegal, where you can see animals like giraffes, wild ostriches, and zebras. Such parks need a significant financial injection which they would be lost without. Daniel is a major steppingstone to the creation and the coming to be of SafePets, bringing a bunch of friends together for one purpose and one dream! Which is to be the first global cryptocurrency intended primarily for animals. Daniel firmly believes that our efforts will blossom and grow to be able to ensure that animals will be able to move freely and reproduce not only in zoos. Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoyed and stay tuned for more stories of Daniels travels and adventures!