4TH Feb, 2022


Say Hello to Tomas everyone! Tomas is our marketing developer and would like everyone to know that he has applied for the listing of SafePets to Coingecko on 30.01.2022. Surprisingly we’ve already received a response, and they’ve already heard about us. So, what happens next? Well, we must wait to hear back from them as to when we will officially be listed. As soon as that happens you will be the first to hear about it!


The reward will be ever so rewarding, we are expecting that the price of SafePets token will increase your investment by 5x or more and it would bring that much more to the charity wallet. Isn’t that wonderful!? This way, we will be able to support more pets, shelters, and nonprofit organizations. Thank you for being here with us! Stay tuned for more, were just getting started!