World's Community token created to help innocent pets & endangered animals

SafePets token was created with one purpose which is to help endangered animals and to make shelters for forgotten pets around the World. Our goal is to be the first accepted crypto currency in shelters and between organizations in the fight to help endangered animals worldwide. SafePets token provides static reflection that rewards holders, which means more tokens being automatically added to your wallet for each transaction made, even if it’s not yours. Guaranteed amazing 1% from every transaction is automatically added to SafePets charity wallet which is separated and donated to different shelters and world organizations in the fight for Animal health and Safety.

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The goal of our association is to improve the lives of all animals, especially those abandoned, unwanted, or abused.

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Monstrous Marketing

4% of every transaction is allocated to Marketing. This allows us to fuel our most ambitious projects in service of further rewarding our community.


Partner Rewards

2% of each transaction is redistributed to token investors. That means you can earn more SafePets tokens by just holding them in your wallet.


Growing Liquidity

3% of each transaction made is locked away in Pancakeswap’s liquidity pool.


Charity Wallet

We have a designated charity wallet that allocates 1% of each transaction made and is donated to support our charity partners.


Donating to shelters and animal health organizations worldwide.

SafePets serves to help shelters with providing protection for animals, caring for animals in need and building a state-of-the-art animal adoption center. Animal shelters and rescues are amazing and need our support since they usually have limited resources, very little publicity and or funding. They help an untold number of animals which are just looking for a happy life. This is your chance to give back! Just be a part of our journey and find your way to our road map where you can learn how you can be a part of something world changing.

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This is our detailed roadmap which outline’s the 9 phases that will lead SafePets to success. Join the journey!


Phase 1

  • KYC + Audit
  • Website launch
  • Pre sale
  • Token Launch
  • Launch of marketing campaign on social media networks
  • Launch of charity & marketing wallets

Phase 2

  • ~500 holders
  • ~1 000 telegram members
  • Marketing push to spread awareness
  • New Partnerships with international organizations e.g., WWF, IUCN, UNEP
  • New Partnerships with universities
  • First charity donation

Phase 3

  • ~1 000 holders
  • ~2 000 telegram members
  • Video marketing
  • Listing on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko
  • NFT Gallery
  • Mobile game
  • Second charity donation

Phase 4

  • ~2 500 holders
  • ~5 000 telegram members
  • Large influencer marketing push
  • New Partnerships
  • NFT Trading program
  • Third donation to charity

Phase 5

  • ~5 000 holders
  • ~10 000 telegram members
  • Listing on bigger CEXs
  • SafePets app for Android/iOS
  • Launch of international Support team
  • Opening of Headquarters in Bratislava
  • Fourth charity donation

Phase 6

  • ~10 000 holders
  • ~25 000 telegram members
  • Expansion of Marketing Team
  • SafePets Swap lock away
  • TV and Radio interview’s
  • Fifth charity donation

Phase 7

  • ~20 000+ holders
  • ~50 000 telegram members
  • Launch of NFT game
  • Listing on more exchanges
  • Second Audit
  • Sixth charity donation

Phase 8

  • ~50 000+ holders
  • ~80 000 telegram members
  • Gain world renowned partnerships
  • Massive internet campaign
  • Building own pet shelter

Phase 9

  • ~100 000+ holders
  • ~150 000 telegram members
  • Massive TV campaign
  • Listing on Binance
  • Listing on Coinbase
  • Massive charity donation


Our Team



Project lead Manager

Uses high quality business strategies and plans and ensuring their alignment and organization of short-term and long-term objectives. Highly experienced in Auditing, Analysis & Forecasts. Michal took part in the European voluntary organization, Future Generation Europe. He’s managed important partnerships and founded the SafePets team. He is currently working as an analyst in the economic law department of one of the largest IT companies in the world.



Business Development Manager

As a graduate of the banking institute of Prague, he finished the program of Law administration in the business sphere. Daniel manages our campaigns, partnerships & law matters that arise. 15 years of experience in the business making him a key member for networking. His favorite quote is: Sky is the limit!



Lead Developer

The head of computer science and full-stack development. Has a wealth of experienced in Blockchain, Trading and Technical analysis. Is an up-and-coming developer in the industry and is a breath of fresh air to work with, bringing new ideas to the table. Martin works as a programmer for a company that develops electric chargers for electric cars.



Marketing Developer

Our marketing specialist experienced in Trading, Marketing and Finance. Tomas is currently working as Sales Manager for an IT company, where he focuses on marketing and brand building. He implements all experiences and knowledge that he has gained throughout his career into effective marketing and promotion strategies on social networks and online markets.



Full Stack Developer

Stefan is a full stack developer currently working for a digital health company in Bratislava. He specializes in web development with main focus on JavaScript (Vue.js), but is also capable of developing backend and native applications for desktop or mobile devices. Specializes in creating content using drones to give the experience of a lifetime. Plays an important part in the development of anything that goes live for SafePets - currently developing the website and mobile applications.



Graphic Designer

Alexandra is an extraordinarily talented freelance graphic designer since 2015. Alexandra specialties are All aspects of graphic design, brand identity and has a very strong understanding of advertising design. She has done all the Graphic design and editing of all our web variants. She also plays an integral role in our phenomenal NFT gallery aspect of SafePets.



Marketing Developer

Peter is a self-made business executive, with a broad portfolio of investment companies which invest in forex, shares, ETFS and other assets like cryptocurrencies. At a young age Peter managed to develop his own trading system which provides FX signals so successful today. Key in managing our marketing campaigns, builds important partnerships, and engages with our community and partners. His large rolodex of clients is an essential aspect of the future success of SafePets.



Brand Manager

Jozef brings nearly a decade of experience, with an excellent understanding of client/customer relationship, and how to effectively communicate with Native and non-Native English-speaking stakeholders in the online community. He currently works for a tech company as a Deputy VIP Manager based in Prague and have offices worldwide. Which is why he is just the person to be representing SafePets.

Anti-Whale Shield

SafePets is one of few cryptocurrencies which uses the Anti-Whale Mechanism. This system was designed to save holders from whales trying to manipulate the price in their favor or from dumping the token.

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